Become a Bliss Accredited
Location | Technician

| Your new Career starts with Bliss |

Become a Bliss Accredited Location | Technician

|Your new Career starts with Bliss|

Dear potential Bliss technician,

We want to personally thank you for inquiring about becoming part of the |BLISS| brand.

We have THREE Bliss Canada training Options to choose from.

1) 5 Day Bliss Canada Training Course

This is a 5-day intensive training program that includes 40 hours of in class instruction. Our training includes health & safety, color theory, skin anatomy, eyebrow design, and models.

Our training program has been molded from our knowledge as well as world renowned instructors and combined we have created a training program that we are confident in our student’s success.

We have many women come to us with 2-day training that are unsure of what to do in such a personal invasive cosmetic service, and also putting their clients at risk of infection and/or scarring from not being trained correctly.

2) 5 Day Bliss Canada Training Course & Start up Package
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This course program includes all you need for equipment, Medical Supplies, Service supplies to being your new career as a Microblading Technician. It also includes the above 5 Day Training Course.

3) Become a Bliss Accredited Location
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With the accredited location, you not only receive our top training program, you also become a full partner with Bliss Canada at your location & the rights to share the credit & accomplishments of Bliss Canada branding & advertising. Full 24 hr support from Bliss Canada, industry leading tools, equipment etc.

Bliss Permanent Cosmetics is looking to expand the |BLISS| brand across Canada. We are seeking highly motivated individuals that are willing to own a Bliss package with the option to be in a pre-existing salon, spa, or clinic.

We at Bliss Canada have built a program, that involves Bliss development, daily support, training, advertising, marketing, distribution along with rules, regulations & the highest standards in the permanent makeup industry. We have also prepared a detailed start up package that we are willing to discuss with individuals that are interested in pursuing a career with the potential of a six-figure income.

As you may or may not know, owning your own business is not always a walk in the park. It involves time, energy, and dedication. Through this, it is very rewarding and gives you personal satisfaction.

We thank you for your time & consideration with Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Canada.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please feel free to contact us for more information

President & CEO
Bliss Permanent Cosmetics Inc.

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